World Peace
Yesterday I was at the car repair shop and they offer a shuttle across the street to among all places the Art Supply store!
So here I am at the art store waiting for my car repair. As I’m walking slowly pushing my cart from one enthralling display to the next, a child of about ten full of intent and purpose comes right up to me and asks me where are the fine tip pens, not the thick ones as he might ask a store person.
I am not that familiar with where things are so I simply say gently: I do not know.
Just past the child stands tall another human, who in a very crisp clear bright voice says: WE are also looking for World Peace! Where would that be!?
To my huge surprise I put my right hand from my surgery, over to my heart and I say very gently:
it is, right here.
For one instant I held world peace.
in my whole heart
and then it simply washed over me how incredibly grateful I was to be alive, healing and able to walk the aisles for art supplies.
He replied in complete shock and delight, well played! Well played. Best answer ever!
But to me in that brief moment I simply knew where to find World Peace, and it surprised me to no end

August 27, 2022

Caroline Tavelli-Abar