Haiku Fall

Rocking in the wind
Swinging in the autumn sun
Bask in life’s glory


Rising with the stars
Midnight tea milk and honey
Peaceful fire glows


Morning coffee, news
reads of incredible lack
in compassion, love


Mailbox Express, vote 
In earnest, to town clerk by
Hand Delivery


Chilly midnight light
Fingers typing my haiku
Blankets wrapped around

Ski Liban, snowshoe
Sing Eidukum Mubarak
Masked Helvetica

In snow conditions 
keeping memories, our hearts
In joy meet at last. 

Looking towards a
brighter day, in harmony 
kindnesses add up


Bursting in sunlight 
Red fall berries remind us
Of nature’s bounty 

Meandering home
Windy red’n gold, foliage 
Flutter to the ground

Violet Orchids
Basking in amaranthine
light, glow beyond spring
Gently night sails by,
blowing leaves still, in rising
warmth, moon light delights.
Flying full of zest
Geese honk ‘keep in formation’
Time ephemeral

Love for Mom and Dad
Montreal Paper Logo
And Inspired Postage
If I could fly to
the Moon for you i would fly
flowers and my heart.
Times of profound grief
In Kind Solidarity
Harvest Moon finds hope

Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter Love!
Neighborhood Awareness Grows
As Tributes Spring Up
Lives cut short and lost
Terror, Grief, Morning, Outrage
Cemented in our psyches
Marches, Protests, Trials
Unstoppable Momentum
Speak of Power Love!
Actions summoning
Urgently needed
Yestermorrow School’s
Banner Vandalized @ Midnight!
More action needed.
Heat at my Stone Wall
Voice will rise too
Honoring Black Lives
For years flew peace
Planted early spring flowers
Full of Love and Joys
For our dearest loves,
Family, friends, and neighbors
Signs, in the wind will fly!

A storm comes over
the mountains immovable
Hearts brace for impact
Yesterday mist, fog
Today rain, and tomorrow
ground swells, plant spring bulbs
On this Town Dirt Road
Sunflowers, by Stone by Stone
Neighborhood beacon
You Stand Majestic.
Harmonies in Burgundies,
Heaven, Ode to Joy
In Warm Autumn Glow
Green Mountain Quintessential
Winter here we come.
New patterns emerge
In circles multicolored
Almanac foretold
Neighborhood moments
Burgundy roof, solid barns
And winding driveway
Zen Bones your skull thick
As Days leading all the way
To Election night
Basking in the light
Heart opens to foliage bright
Setting sun sings night
Sit Cinderella
Leaves in every color swing
To Love’s sweetest tune
Hammock in Breeze Sways
Multicolored Leaves Flutter
Grateful, Dry Wood Stacked
Bear Paws Softly Step
Chickadees each other call
Golden Maples Chime
Vermont Sky In Bloom
Etherial Your Maple
Winter here I come
Eyelashes Flutter
Memories in Water Drops
Harvested Grapes Today
Our Fallen Patterns
Radiance in Perfect Lace
Maple Leafcutter
In the head by leaves
Startled, I keep getting hit
Thinking it spider
Fall 2020